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How To Automatically Send WhatsApp Messages In As Little As 5 Minutes Without Installing Any app Or Using Messy Excel Sheet… Even If You’ve Tried Everything Else And Failed!

(This Works Even If You’re Asleep & Want To Send Multimedia Messages To MULTIPLE Groups Or UNSAVED Phone Contacts)

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Do you want to automate WhatsApp messages or run Drip Campaigns or one-click Message Broadcast To Huge Contacts?

If you’re using WhatApp for business needs, you need automation sooner or later to save time and energy so that you can focus on growing your business.


Here’re the problems you face:

01.Send manually or Hire Staff

Sending messages manually kills your precious time while hiring a dedicated staff puts extra expense load every month.

02.Installed App or Complex Sheet

WHATSAPP HACKED apps are RISKY. Working in complex excel/google sheet is frustrating and involve steep learning curve.

Using hacked mobile apps, software or extensions means Compromising with privacy & security, putting your Financial and Personal assets at EXTREME Risk.


Using messy & complex sheets means Pulling Your Hair Out for a month or so figuring out how to assemble various parts and SOMEHOW make it work.

How deeply do you trust those virus-like behaving apps, not stealing your personal data and selling it for their own profit?

And if I'm not wrong...

Those software need your computer running till they are finished sending messages, Making You Wait For HOURS.

And you’ve to do it every often, Right?

You tell me one thing very honestly.

Is it worth staring at a flickering screen and waiting hours for any clingy software to finish THAN utilizing that time to finish the next set of business growth tasks that'll bring sale on the table?

Definitely NOT!

You don’t waste your precious time because you know the golden rule in Business & Life: TIME IS MONEY.

Introducing WAPYARI:
(A Revolutionary WhatsApp Automation System)

If you want to avoid hiring dedicated staff to save your hard-earned money

If you want to save your precious time & effort to utilize for meaningful tasks

And if you want to automate entire marketing funnel from lead-in to sale-out

…then you need to check out WAPYARI.

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A Sweet Demo Is All That You Need

Watch the demo video below and if you have doubts or questions, call us or contact on WhatsApp: +917004635353. We’re more than happy to answer every of your query.

Note: Demo video below is an old recording. We now support a lot of advanced features like Autoresponders, third-party integration with Zapier or Pabbly using Webhooks, etc. Contact us for your specific business need.

Take a look at FAQs we have answered for You:

Yes, we have created a demo video for you here:

In case, you want, we have created a step-by-step video playlist to help customers set up automation. Here is the link:

You can start watching from step #1 in the playlist to get an idea of all the features supported. They are super easy to set up and get started.

Yes. We have created Wapyari keeping in mind that everything should be automated on Whatsapp.

So, whether you are accepting payments, having an option/registration form or maybe you’re working with google sheets, everything can be integrated with automated WhatsApp messages using WAPYARI.

Call us to know more about how WAPYARI can help you in your business.

It’s plain and simple. You connect your WhatsApp at Wapyari. Set up broadcast, drip messages, or other automation. And when your scheduled time comes, our system starts sending messages in the background on your behalf.

Here’s a demo video for you:

Yes. We’re real humans behind Wapyari picking up your call or texting you back. You can call us or WhatsApp at +917004635353. We would be glad to assist you with every query you have.

Absolutely NO. Chances of getting blocked exist when people report you on WhatsApp. This can happen, even if you send messages manually.

You can think of credits as message count. One credit is one message.

Drip messages are a series of messages tied together to be sent at a predefined time. Suppose you have a WhatsApp group or contact list. You want to send 1st message to them immediately. After 2 days, you want to send them 2nd message. Then after 5 days, you want to send 3rd message. And after 7 days, you want to send the 4th message…and so on. So, you get the idea. You can send these drip messages at Wapyari with just one click.

Wapyari has a default limit of 500/hr and 2000/day for sending messages. However, you can customize it from your dashboard.

We do have a report section where we show you the progress, but you can easily see those messages on your mobile. Yes, you heard it right. You can see all those sent messages from Wapyari on your mobile WhatsApp. There can be no better proof than your own mobile that the Wapyari system works.

Yes, you can. You can send to WhatsApp groups, group members individually, and to your own uploaded contact list.

No, you don’t. Using our system, you can broadcast to bulk contacts without saving them into your contact list. Saving those contacts would make your phone go slow like hell. Avoid that trap.

Here’s how Wapyari can help you in Online Coaching and/or WhatsApp dependent business:


Schedule Drip Campaigns

Schedule one-click drip campaigns to multiple WhatsApp groups or contact lists so that message series are all set up beforehand, leaving no chance of forgetting to post messages timely and feeling guilty and shame later.

Schedule Message Broadcasts

Schedule one-click message broadcasting to huge contacts and multiple WhatsApp groups without saving contacts into the phone so you can save storage space and avoid the painful hassle of saving contacts one by one and making the phone go slow.

Message Customization

Send personalized & customized messages so that you address your customer like close friends which means a more friendly customer relationship and building a ground base for future sales offers.

Supports Multimedia Messages

Send multimedia messages (image, audio, video, document, contact, location, etc.) so that you have complete control over your message to convey which means better customer engagement ultimately leading to more conversions over investment.

Accessible Anywhere

A web-based application accessible anytime and anywhere in this world so that you do not need to install third-party data-stealing apps and your personal privacy and financial security is safe in your hands.

Beautiful User Interface

Extremely easy to use and intuitive interface even a 10-Year kid can play so that you don’t have to pull your hair out over complex excel sheets and enjoy setting up WhatsApp automation.

Supports Multiple WhatsApp

Supports multiple WhatsApp numbers from a single account so that you can handle multiple businesses under one roof allowing you to have complete freedom from jumping here and there, making you truly a Professional tycoon.

Here's Everything You'll Get in Trial:

Free Credits

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All Features Access

(Try every features we support without worry)

3rd Party Integration Setup

(Connect with Zapier, Pabbly, G-sheet & more...)

Instant Online Access

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And this trial offer is 100% FREE. So, you got nothing to lose.

We’ll help you schedule campaigns, broadcasts, webhooks, autoresponders, and everything else that needs to be automated in your business.

…And you won’t be charged anything extra for the time spent by us.

You get instant access, when you start today and have your first drip campaign or broadcast scheduled in the next 5 minutes without further delay.

P.S. This gem will sell for a lot more than this free trial offer. This free trial offer is a “Grab it now before it’s gone” offer, so act fast!

P.P.S. Let’s be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you have an easy way to automate messages without complexity and security concerns? Probably not!

Face it. This revolutionary product has got every automation feature you need to market your online course or WhatsApp business at a much more affordable rate your pocket allows.

While the prices are definite to go on a hike once all the slots are filled, grab this free trial offer as early as Now!

Wouldn’t you like to save time, money, and effort to excel in your business by leaving WhatsApp automation on Wapyari, the way a wise professional does?

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click the button below NOW!

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