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Wapyari helps you send drip messages on WhatsApp to groups, group users and to your own contacts. You can also schedule broadcasts. And there is a lot more you can do, all on auto-pilot mode.


If you are a coach,ย  consultant, marketing agency owner or a business professional, you know how important communication is for your business. SMS marketing is dead. E-mail marketing is dying. WhatsApp Will Overtake SMS, Email, and IVR. Love it or Hate it, but you can’t ignore WhatsApp Open Rate, which is 99%.

And if you ‘re looking for a way to automate WhatsApp messages, you are in right place!

We take the pain out of sending messages manually and help you drip feed messages(or even broadcast) at a future schedule. Save money avoiding hiring a dedicated staff. No need to be infront of mobile all the time.

Use Wapyari to Save both Time and Money at the same time. And it’s absolutely FREE!



Multiple WhatsApp Group

Schedule campaigns on any specified date and time you wish. You can send campaigns to WhatsApp groups, group users and to your own contacts.โ€‹

Broadcast Messages

Want a one time message broadcast? We got you covered. Send scheduled broadcasts to groups, group users or to your contacts, all with just one click.


Create Workflows

You're not limited to sending messages only. Create groups, change settings & do a bunch of other related tasks under workflows. These workflows run on specified customer actions.

Manage Contacts

Upload your own contact list. Import/export WhatsApp group users, block/unblock customers, subscribe/unsubscribe, everything can be managed under one roof.

Run Autoresponders

Just like an email autoresponder, you can now have your own WhatsApp autoresponder. Send a series of messages, whenever someone takes your specified action (like joins your group or your contact list).

Payment Notifications

Stop ignoring failed payments in your business. Send failed or successful payment notifications on WhatsApp letting customer take action immediately. No more customer & money loss again.

WhatsApp Marketing Automation

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