Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we have created a demo video for you here:

In case, you want, we have created a step-by-step video playlist to help customers setting up automation. Here is the link:

You can start watching from step #1 in the playlist to get an idea of all the features supported. They are super easy to set up and get started.

It’s plain and simple. You connect your WhatsApp at Wapyari. Set up broadcast, drip messages or other automation. And when your schedule time comes, our system start sending messages in the background on your behalf.

Here’s a demo video for you:

Yes. We’re real humans behind Wapyari picking up your call or texting you back. You can call us or WhatsApp at +917004635353. We would be glad to assist you on every query you got.

Absolutely NO. Chances of getting blocked exist when people report you on WhatsApp. This can happen, even if you send messages manually.

You can think of credits as message count. One credit is one message.

Our regular plans have expiry limit on account credits. But often One-Time-Offer(OTO) plans come with a lifetime validity meaning no expiration time and you can use them till they get exhaust. And if you recharge credits before they exhaust, those added credits will be again valid for lifetime.

Credit recharge ranges between 5-25 paisa/credit depending upon the recharge plans you are buying.

Drip messages are a series of message tied together to be send at a predefined time. Suppose you have WhatsApp group or contact list. You want to send 1st message to them immediately. After 2 days, you want to send them 2nd message. Then after 5 days, you want to send 3rd message. And after 7 days, you want to send 4th message…and so on. So, you get the idea. You can send these drip messages at Wapyari at just one click.

Wapyari has a default limit of 500/hr and 2000/day for sending messages. However, you can customize it from your dashboard.

We do have a report section where we show you the progress, but you can easily see those messages on your mobile. Yes, you heard it right. You can see all those sent messages from Wapyari in your mobile WhatsApp. There can be no better proof than your own mobile that Wapyari system works.

Yes you can. You can send to WhatsApp groups, group members individually and to your own uploaded contact list.

No you don’t. Using our system, you can broadcast to Millions of contacts without saving them into your contact list. Saving those contacts would make your phone go slow like hell. Avoid that trap.